Opening hours

Mon - Sat: 10am-7pm, Sun: 2pm-7pm

Dear Esteemed Clients here are some of the guide lines we have put in place for your safety and ours towards our opening on Monday 18th  May.

☘️We will be deep cleaning and disinfecting our premises this weekend prior opening on monday, we will be sending our certificate once it’s done

☘️We will not be taking walking- in at this time kindly book online or via phone, our lines open on friday.

☘️All hygiene practices will be in place times 10, treatment room will be cleaned and sanitized after each client with approved sanitation and disinfecting methods

☘️No refreshments will be served in house it will be packed for you to take home.

☘️We will not be offering wet room services like body polish, body wraps, steam, sauna and shower services. All other services are available.

☘️We will not be taking a client for more than 2 hrs at a time

☘️We will only have 2 therapist and 2 hair stylist working per day so kindly book ahead

☘️Our therapist will be wearing all necessary protective wear disposable apron, gloves, mask, face shield.

☘️Sanitizers and disposable napkins will be available all over the Spa

☘️Disposable couch roll will be use on all our beddings

☘️All towels will be laundered at temperature above 80 degrees which has been contracted to an independent laundry provider 

☘️Restrooms will be cleaned intensively after every use

☘️Common areas will be cleaned every hour

☘️ Clients must wear face mask

☘️ Temperature checks will be done on all clients

☘️We open 10am – 6pmMonday – Saturday

We thank you in advance for your cooperation as the situation gets better we will be adjusting our restrictions accordingly

Topaz House of Beauty